Individuality? Just say no! + bonus tracks

folk music  experimental  rock  jazz  australiana 

Individuality? Just say no! + bonus tracks
Lord Stompy's eccentric classic 2004 debut album. Now with 4 bonus tracks from 2006 - 2008 recorded drunk in strange people's lounge rooms.

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Liner Notes

2004: I was living in a rundown dump of a house with Derek Mouldy dreaming of strange music whilst looking out the cracks in the walls. I somehow rounded up the cash to go into a major studio and get my ideas down on tape. I even convinced other brilliant musos who I was in awe of that this album was a good idea and they joined in with me, bless them. This album is the end result of my folly, it far exceeded my dreams, bless it.
Track 10 is a cover of my mate Soursob Bob's classic song about Mazda 323's. I toured, recorded and played with him on and off in the early 2000's.
Track 11 is for Jude, Leigh Stardust's mum.
Track 12 and 13 were recorded by Jsun while I was on tour in Tasmania. I was drunk on my homemade absinthe, when I woke the next day I couldn't remember what I'd recorded.


Thanks to Soursob Bob, Jsun, Andi Aldam, Dad, Denni, Leigh Stardust, Star 10 Hash, Brillig, John and Bernie, Harmonica Tribe, The Gov, Disk edits, The Jade Monkey, Miss Jane, the Rehoreks, Apex, Tara Crooker, Portia, Jason Ricci, Chloe Grace, The Moon, Katie Spain, YOU!


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